Westminster Abbey

31 Oct

Most English sovereigns have been crowned and buried in the abbey. From the soaring arches to the tombstone paved floors, this abbey is steeped in English history. Over the centuries, burial here has been the greatest honor that could be bestowed.

From the moment I walked in, I was in awe. I remember the chills I got as I learned bits and pieces of historical moments that have occurred there. As I stood where Princess Diana’s funeral had been, I was overcome with goose bumps. I was standing in this beautiful masterpiece where so many important members of history had stood- and in some cases, I was standing on them. Tombs are below your feet, in the walls and everywhere in between.

I wish I had gotten more photographs of the abbey. I did try to respect the “no photography” policy, even though many people did not. As with most museums and historical sites, you can elect to take a guided tour or a listening tour of the abbey. I chose to explore the abbey on my own- it’s just my personality. If and when I return to Westminster Abbey, I will most likely take a tour in order to gain more in-depth knowledge. That said, you can spend a half day in the abbey, taking in every room and every monument. You can also take some quick glances in each room, but you will still spend a good 2 hours minimum in the abbey. Take this into consideration when planning your time in London.

Whether you consider yourself religious, not religious, or anywhere in between, do not miss touring this historical and architectural masterpiece.


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