Minisub Diving in Cozumel

29 Sep

A friend and I decided to give this excursion a try during a recent cruise. I had never been scuba diving before and I thought that this would be the perfect precursor to the beginning scuba class I had planned later that week.

We took a short taxi ride to a hotel where our adventure would begin. The sub dive apparatus was displayed for us on dry land. After an introduction which included the use of appropriate hand signals, the machines were lowered into the water. We ducked beneath the water and reemerged with our heads in the “bubble.”

We were attached to safety lines at various points of the dive. At our depth (10-15 feet) I did not experience much pressure in my ears and sinus cavities. Our two instructors helpfully took pictures with my underwater camera. They squeezed bread from plastic bottles into our hand so that swarms of fish were captured in our pictures.

Our guides also ventured off to find other marine life to hold while they snapped more pictures of our adventure.

When the dive was over, it was an easy process to get out- just down and out of the “bubble.” On dry land, there was a tip jar, which we obliged. We were also invited to use the property grounds, including the pool, afterwards.

It was such a fun experience! Yes, your head gets wet in the sub dive, unlike helmet diving. Don’t expect the mini subs to advance at rocket speed under water, either. It’s a great experience for anyone who is curious about scuba diving, avid snorkelers, or just the curious explorer.

For more information on sub diving in Cozumel, visit here and type in minisub in the search box. The dive is also available in Cabo San Lucas.


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