Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

7 Sep

I consider PV my first real vacation. In fact, the first time I went I had won the vacation from a local radio station. Perhaps it’s that nostalgia that led me to return, as I often time do not visit the same place twice, unless the impression is a grand one. There is so much to do in PV, where do I even start?

A must is Los Arcos Underwater National Park. There is some great snorkeling (and diving) there. It is often a stop on most snorkel/beach tours. Once at the beach there is usually an optional horse (donkey?) back tour up to a waterfall. DO it! Watch the sides of your legs, as the horses get really close to the rocky “walls” and other horses and riders.

Los Arcos Underwater National Park

The Malecon is the shopping district of downtown Puerto Vallarta. As with most tourist meccas, bargaining is key. While downtown, ask how to get to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe and have a peek inside.

The Malecon

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

When it is time for dinner, instead of going back to your all-inclusive hotel, “splurge” at El Panorama. You’ll have to get a taxi, as the hill is very steep to walk. Once you arrive at the restaurant, you will be blown away by the beautiful view! The food and service are excellent. The caesar salad is prepared at your table, and the sexy coffee will “light you up.” I suggest a reservation around 6-6:30 so you will be able to see the sun set. If you are lucky (and we were) you might even see the pirate ship firing off some fireworks in the bay.

Sexy Coffee at El Panorama

View from El Panorama

If tequila is your fancy, do a tequila tour. Not only do you learn why Jose Cuervo isn’t the “real thing” but you get to sample copious amounts of tequila at the end of your tour.

Puerto Vallarta is great for couples and families alike. It’s one of my favorite destinations and I am looking forward to returning.


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