Flying the (Un)Friendly Skies

17 Jul

People always tell me that they’ll never fly this airline, or that airline is never on time. As much as I’ve flown, I can safely say I’ve been lucky. I’ve had no complaints in all of my years… flights have been relatively on time, I haven’t had any delays, the agents and staff have always been helpful…..up until recently.

While traveling last month, I had an unpleasant experience with an agent that works for a particular airline. I’m not going to go into detail. I’m not going to let one bad agent spoil the bunch. However, I got to thinking: what makes people so loyal to one airline over another? What experiences help make or break a relationship between an airline and a passenger?

It used to be; when I flew I’d pick the cheapest airline I could that fit my schedule. I didn’t care if it was Continental or Delta. As long as it got me there, I was okay with it. Now days, I still like to price out my flights, but I also consider how many miles I have with what airline and any advantages to using the airline credit cards to make my purchases. I also consider the probability I have for an upgrade.

If I happen to sit on the runway for 4 hours on a plane operated by American Airlines, I wouldn’t think that it would in any shape or form affect my decision to fly with them again. Maybe it’s just a matter of personality. I’m not the type to let one bad experience shape the way I view something.  On the other hand, if I absolutely LOVE Southwest, I’m not going to fly with them if they are more expensive than half of the other carriers.

Which airline(s) are you loyal to? What has helped shape (or break) any relationships you’ve had with different carriers?

Update: The airline offered my traveling partner and I both $100 vouchers due to the inconvenience we experienced.


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