Money Today, Clothes Tomorrow

18 May

Here is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever come across regards pre-travel preparation:

Lay out all of the clothes and all of the money you plan to take on vacation.

Now, take away half the clothes and double the money.

I am a hard-core planner and organizer. I have a Word doc that has everything I need for my trips. As I pack an item, that item is put in bold font in my document. I list out outfits down to the shoes and jewelry so I do not forget to take anything. If I do take something out of suitcase to use, I un-bold it in the document. (This is the same attention to detail I provide my clients when they come to me to help book their travel, by the way shameless plug)

Now that I’ve scared you away….I’m currently packing for my Bermuda trip. The picture below is take #2. I forgot about the underwear on top and decided to bury them for the picture I have posted (TMI?). I’d like to note that my large hard shell suitcase is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Of course, TSA had to break into it shortly after I bought it- apparently the side locks weren’t able to be unlocked using their magical skeleton key.

I will forever be a slave to baggage fees….this girl will never be able to get on a plane with a carry on alone….but I sure will have my pick of outfits!


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